What it means to be a “gentleman” in the true sense of the word?

To be a real man is not to list endless of women who have fallen in bed and no power with which you can hit another person. These are just some mentalities antiquated that no longer have a purpose in the days of today. I believe that manhood is measured in happiness to the woman next to you, but in the style you approach, the strength of character and common sense of which you give proof in everyday life. To be “gentleman” involves not only a nice outfit to dress him up, but good manners mastered very well and the beautiful words that you have in your vocabulary.

A gentleman will always be to engage in a discussion in a contradictory way, to make understand your point of view and to bring a smile on the lips of his beloved whenever he gets the chance. And the occasions are frequent, every day at least a few times. Learn to appreciate the woman next to you and to understand it. You don’t have to be authoritarian raising the tone of your voice when you’re not understood, but to bring solid arguments by which to prove that you’re right, to speak beautifully and know how to listen and the point of view of the woman next to you, be it right and wrong.

The most important attribute that a man with desires to be with a real gentleman is, undoubtedly, the attention. Women are dependent on attention, and its lack can lead to certain thoughts that them and require them. Open your eyes and understand what you ask the person next to you, even when you don’t do it directly, learn to be responsive to any message, physical or verbal-that convey and prove that you know how to behave with a woman.

All of us want that woman next to us to be exemplary, without us having to offer anything in return. The change always starts from our own person, and then it is suggestible for the people around you.

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