Why do indians watch xnxx videos?

I have a couple of pretty good reasons of why people in general watch porn. But the today question is “ why do Indians watch xnxx videos”. As I like to refer to all of us, we are all bored human beings, constantly looking for a thrill. I believe that we are all the same because our bodies are programmed to be iological clocks and because sex is a natural act that is tied to our bodies, I believe our reasons are pretty much alike.

Indians are not a special category which differs from the rest of us. That is why, my answear to this question is that because they are bord, because they are looking for a thrill, for an arousing reason, for fun. Many of us do this out of boredom or fun. I for example have a boyfriend and this does not mean that I do not need to watch porn. Why? Because he can aleays satisfy my needs? Wrong. He sometimes isn’t around or sometimes I just want to be in the room me, myself and I.

I strongly believe that Indians watch xnxx videos for the same reason we all watch it. Jerking off from time to time really reduces the pression and the stress accumulated during the day or the week, it depends on how often you do it.

It is also really fun watching it and hey, you might learn something new. You might surprise your partner in a good way. But be careful, do not surprise him too often because at some point he might think that someone is teaching you privetly at your home. Just kidding.

Yeah, there are a lot of reasons people watch porn but I am going to stick to three major ones: for fun, out of bordem and to learn some tricks to spice up the sex.